Book Launch - Wealth Development for Irish Pharmacists

This is a must read for every pharmacist / business owner.  Running a business or managing a professional practice can be challenging.  Add the extra complications of minimising tax, investing wisely, getting the best value from insurance, protecting the family and business from loss, planning for retirement, the list is endless.

It is hard enough to be an expert in your business without also having to deal with these complex issues, none of which were taught at University or College.  Where can we turn for quality advice?  This little book can give you the answers you need – easily read and easily understood.

Book Launch - Pharmacy Capital Management

"Pharmacy Capital Management, compiled by Michael Tierney, Community Pharmacist, and Richard Collins, CEO, Pharmawealth is a ‘must read’ for every Pharmacist.

This book will help you understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of building retirement income, having investments properly managed and protecting your assets, all whilst using tax-efficient strategies. The information you will find in this publication will help you seek out and utilise the best financial advice available.

Pharmacy Capital Management gives you, as a Pharmacist, the information required to commence a Centralised Wealth Management Plan.”

Your Financial Blueprint for Retirement

This booklet outlines a financial blueprint for retirement that will make your life easier and make your investments go further. Just follow a few simple steps and your money will work harder for you during your retirement, meaning you can maximise the benefits to your family from your inheritance.

Safe in the knowledge that your loved ones will be looked after when you’re gone, you can truly relax and enjoy your retirement.

Click here to download a copy of our new publication:
“Your Financial Blueprint for Retirement”.