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The Wealth Summit – Launch Date Revealed…


Walfrid Private, the main sponsors of recent events such as “Wealth Management Without Boundaries” and “10X Wealth: The Bootcamp” this morning announced their sponsorship of “The Wealth Summit” which will take place on Thursday 11th May in The Westin Dublin.  The Wealth Summit will be Irelands premier conference for business owners in Ireland. 

Commenting on the launch of the event, Walfrid Private’s CEO, Richard Collins, stated “The Wealth Summit has been established to educate Irish Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and those that aspire to be on how Financial Independence to Retire early is possible. If retiring early scares people, the guest speakers will show them how getting to the work optional stage of life can be obtained. 

A business is for scaling, not for life!!

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All too often business owners become immersed in their day to day operating activities and don’t look at the financial impact that strategic business decisions could have on intergenerational wealth development and transfer. 

The Wealth Summit aims to show attendees how each department in a business has a role to play as part of the overall scale up. Once the scale up happens it is important to have multiple flows of income omnipresent. Should one income flow hit a chicane the others will flow parallel. Once the income flows are established they should be strategically siloed into short, medium and long term flows in the most tax efficient structure. This is true wealth.”

This is a must attend event for any SME Business Owners looking to scale their operations, achieve financial independence sooner than they thought possible and reach a work optional stage of their wealth development journey.

To express your interest in attending, Walfrid Private can be contacted on 01-4584327, emailing or tap the button below.