Accumulation focuses on wealth development. 

Accumulation is the second stage of the REAP™ process and focuses on wealth development.  This can be done personally, through the company or a hybrid of both (a pension).

  • Personal Investments:

Walfrid Private breaks cashflows and investment into short, medium and long-term arrangements.  Personal investments derive from savings, inheritance, sales proceeds and windfalls.  The aim is to invest this money to beat inflation and deposits, whilst observing tax efficiencies. 

Investments, personal and corporate, follow a strict process.

  • Psychometirc Risk Profiling Techniques to ascertain your comfort threshold to risk and your attitude towards the volatility of your investments.
  • Tactical Asset Allocation.
  • Replacement of non-performing funds.
  • Rebalancing to original investments for continuity and uniformity. We bank the profit.
  • Review to consider micro and macro influences on performance.
  • Your Health
  • Your Wealth
  • Your Income
  • And most importantly, Your Family
  • Corporate Investments:

When a company or corporate institution has excess cash reserves, it is wise for the Company Directors to investigate investments to sweat the capital.  Walfrid Private discuss the most suitable options with our clients who have excess cash in their business to negate the potential of “dead or lazy” money.  These corporate investments can be made via the trading company or “off balance” sheets via Holding Companies or Special Purpose Vehicles.  Remember, money that stands still is not cashflowing.  Wealth is not being generated.  Optimise working capital, maximise cashflows.  Corporate investments are necessary to avoid closed company surcharge and they attract gross roll-up tax at 25%.

  • Retirement Accounts

Walfrid Private specialize in helping individuals with their retirement planning by reverse engineering and taking a holistic 360 view on where our clients want to be when they retire or get to the “work optional” lifestyle.  We help business owners uncover “Their Number” and “How Much Is Enough” by implementing centralized wealth management systems and invest in tax controlled environments to offer greater returns.  Pensions are not the only source of potential future income but they are a key component of any wealth development plan.  Walfrid Private optimize retirement accounts in order to maximise lifestyle plans and business reliefs.  When we meet clients, we often find that it is not what they are doing that is wrong, but more the way they went about trying to achieve their plan.  When it comes to retirement planning, always remember that we are born with a birth cert and not a death cert.  Respect and attention must be given to short and medium term money flows and not just long term pension flows. 

Currently in Ireland, the maximum allowable pension fund in Ireland is €2,150,000 per individual.  This has been decreased from €5,418,085 per individual in 2010.  In addition, tax free lump sums of pensions have dropped from €1,250,000 to €200,000 in the same time frame.  Due to this reduction, it is essential that business owners are aware of the limitations on their future financial situations and are made aware of alternative sources of income and also passive cashflow generating vehicles.

  • Zero Tax Property

ZTP is a tax efficient strategy for pension planning where clients can potentially use their retirement accounts to purchase property and pay 0% tax on the rental income or on the growth.  In essence, ZTP focuses on anchoring retirement accounts with direct property that you own via your Self-Administered Scheme.  Rentflows can used to re-pay mortgages or diversify.  Our process is unique as our team will;

  • Find the deal
  • Fund the deal
  • Structure the deal
  • Manage the deal
  • Cashflow the deal

Zero Tax Property is a potential solution that offers assets for life and maximises potential returns due to the 0% tax rates available.