Wealth Management For You

Wealth Management For You

The Biggest Successes in Wealth Management are not only from Investment Returns but tax planning around these returns.

Mission Statement
To be a world class Wealth Management company renowned for excellence in Client Service, Wealth Protection, Accumulation, Retention, Corporate exit strategies for company directors in Ireland.

"Our objective is to future-proof your personal and business balance sheets.
We build Wealth Assets for life that produce intergenerational cashflows."

Welcome to Walfrid Private

Walfrid Private is a Wealth Management firm based in Ballymount in Dublin 12.  Founded by Richard Collins in 2012, Walfrid Private assists Irish Company Directors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to reduce costs, reduce taxes and improve both business and personal financial performance. 

Walfrid Private implement strategic plans with their clients to ensure they achieve financial independence sooner than they ever imagined possible by structuring long term bespoke financial cashflows.  We work with clients nationwide, to ensure Wealth Development through multi-channel cashflows that are structured tax efficiently.

"Our approach to financial planning is refreshingly different,
extremely effective, and yet very simple: We listen.”

Personal Investments

The aim is to invest this money to beat inflation and deposits, whilst observing tax efficiencies. 

Retirement Accounts

We help individuals with their retirement planning by taking a Holistic 360* view and reverse engineering their Pension Plan.

Corporate Investments

Remember, money that stands still is not cashflowing. Wealth is not being generated.  

Assets for Life

Zero Tax Property is a Tax Efficient strategy for pension planning where clients can potentially use their retirement accounts to purchase property and pay 0% tax on the rental income or growth.


Protection is the foundation and first building blocks of any successful Wealth Development plan and must be incorporated into any financial planning journey. 

F x S x D x T(+L) = W2

Focus x Stoicism x Diversification x Time (+Luck) = Wealth

Walfrid Private help Company Directors Protect, Accumulate, Extract and Retain wealth throughout their careers and beyond.  We enter the planet with no money, we leave the planet with no money, therefore, you have to make every second you have on the planet count.  Do not take WEALTH RISKS.  Make sure you have a plan that provides your family unit with certainty and clarity. If you do not have this plan, our approach to financial planning is refreshingly different, extremely effective, and yet very simple: We listen.

Most of our clients are successful entrepreneurs and senior business executives – energetic, busy people who value having a ‘Trusted Advisor’ relationship that helps them cut through the complexity in their lives and ensures their interests are protected at all times. Our track record speaks volumes; national recognition, international recognition and outstanding client testimonials. We have developed a unique strategy that we call ‘FutureMap’, which wraps around our REAP Wealth Management System. It is a hugely engaging process to plan exactly what you need to do to ensure that you have complete certainty about meeting all of your personal, professional and financial goals.

It is a family financial ‘roadmap’ underpinned by an Advanced Investment Strategy. Life is short and we all have things we want to do and that we want to achieve. We pull all the ‘variables’ together and give you the best possible opportunity to accomplish your financial goals and at the same time look after those closest to you. Everyone should have their own “FutureMap” – contact Walfrid Private to build yours.




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Become a Walfrid Client

Are you working hard for your money but it isn’t working hard for you?  Are you a business owner who works too many hours every day?  Walfrid Private can help you to change these scenarios. We assist Irish SME business owners to future-proof their finances and implement bespoke, strategic Wealth Management plans tailored to each individual situation and circumstance.  Our dedicated financial planners work with our clients to create passive income flows to develop and maintain additional wealth. 

In addition to the accumulation of extra wealth through tax efficient structures, the financial planning team offer insights and analysis on potential tax reliefs available to business owners.  The key element of all financial planning is also addressed and that is to minimize the potential of finances escaping to incorrectly structured plans. 

  • Intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Legacy control
  • Future-proofing estate planning are key aspects of the retention of wealth within the family unit.

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