Protect what is most important to you..

Walfrid Private uses Protection to future-proof your business and personal balance sheets.  Protection is the foundation and first building blocks of any successful Wealth Development Plan and must be incorporated into any financial planning journey.  Protection has various functions but key amongst these are the potential tax reliefs on offer to the individuals insured.  Walfrid Private also ensure clients are not under or indeed, over-insured.  By being at the correct level, it minimizes cost and tax leakage.

By constantly reviewing and restructuring these protection policies, as your circumstances change, you will have peace of mind when the unexpected and unwanted happens. Walfrid Private ensure we protect the things that matter to you most.

  • Your Health
  • Your Wealth
  • Your Income
  • And most importantly, Your Family

Protection can be either paid for personally or for business owners, through the company (Corporate Protection).

There are different areas of protection depending on individual circumstances but the main types to be considered include:

  • Income Protection.

A tax efficient solution to guarantee that recipients are insured against the potential of not being able to work due to illness or injury.  It can help recipients maintain a standard of living if the unthinkable happens or can be used to cover expenses and bills.  It is a solution that allows a focus on recovery rather than on financial stress.  You can insure your income up to 75% less Government Benefits.  It is essentially cashflow continuity.

  • Illness Cover:

Illness cover offers peace of mind as recipients know that they will receive a financial support, should they be diagnosed with specified illnesses.  There are variations and different levels of cover available and Walfrid Private can investigate and recommend the best solution for you.

  • Life Cover

If you were to pass away unexpectedly, life cover would provide a pay out to your designated beneficiaries to help them cover expenses and maintain their standard of living.  People insure all the important things in their life, their home, their car and their business but oftentimes, not their actual life.  This cover protects your family financially if you were to pass away. 

There are different levels of life cover available and each specific type would need to be discussed with a Qualified Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager to ascertain the correct level of cover.

  • Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection policies are a form of life cover and are designed to pay any balances outstanding on any mortgage held in the event of the individuals untimely passing.  The policy lasts as long as the actual mortgage but if you were to pass away before then, a lump sum payment would be paid to cover the amount remaining at the time of passing.  There are various options on Mortgage Protection policies available and advice should be sought.

  • Corporate Shareholder Protection

The cover insures the shares of your Companies Shareholders to avoid having to borrow, spend capital, raise equity or work with a spouse of a deceased business partner.

  • Keyperson

Keyperson cover is an insurance policy that protects the business should a key individual within the business become unable to work due to serious illness, injury or death.   The payment can be used to offset against the loss of that individuals output, income generation or revenue inflows.