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Retirement Accounts

Your Financial Future

Walfrid Private specialise in helping individuals with their retirement planning by reverse engineering Pension Planning (Wealth Management) and taking a holistic 360° view on where our clients want to be when they retire or get to the “work optional” lifestyle.  We help business owners uncover “Their Number” and “How Much Is Enough” by implementing centralized Wealth Management systems and invest in tax controlled environments to offer greater returns. 

Pensions are not the only source of potential future income but they are a key component of any Wealth Development plan.  Walfrid Private optimize retirement accounts in order to maximise lifestyle plans and business reliefs.  When we meet clients, we often find that it is not what they are doing that is wrong, but more the way they went about trying to achieve their plan. 

When it comes to retirement planning, always remember that we are born with a birth cert and not a death cert.  Respect and attention must be given to short and medium-term money flows and not just long-term pension flows.  

Type of retirement accounts:


A Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) offers value for money, flexibility and convenience. Crucially you can manage the best way to invest in your retirement plan and we can help you maximise that investment.

Personal Pensions

This option is for those in self-employment or in non-pensionable employment. It can be easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the day-to-day of running their personal empire, and let financial planning fall to the wayside. At Walfrid Private, we understand how busy you are and want to work with you to make the most of your finances.

Executive Pensions

This is for company or executive directors who want to plan for retirement while maximising their investment. Planning for your financial future is crucial to ensure issues don’t arise around early retirement or estate planning.

Company Pensions

Most people in employment will have some sort of corporate pension plan, where the company contributes alongside the employee for retirement. Many people don’t realise that this can be maximised and used alongside other forms of investment. 

Personal Retirement Bonds

These are paid-up pension plans from previous employments that you choose to control. By taking control of these bonds you are setting yourself up for financial independence. The Walfrid Private financial advisors work with clients to make the most out of these bonds. These can be accessed from the age of 50, subject to scheme rules and relinquishing of shareholding if applicable.